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Tank cleaning and sludge removal confined space

Tank De-Sludge and Cleaning

With Confined Space certifications, all the required equipment, first class training, skills and expertise built up over 38 years, we deal with all ranges of tanks and the safe disposal of their contents.

CCS's tank cleaning operations are an excellent example of the way in which we have adapted our machinery and methods to respond to diverse and often highly specialised challenges. Built by our own technicians, the tank cleaning unit is a mobile, highly efficient, high powered and cost-effective cleaning system which can also be used in conjunction with our chemical cleaning and hydro blasting systems.

This is specifically required for fully flame-proof areas as the pump for returning the liquid to the tank is an air-operated Wilden pump which is capable of passing 3/4-inch solids that would be filtered out at the main unit.

The main pump is a Grundfos multi-stage pump with a capacity of 200 metres at 15m3per hour.

Our unit cleans tanks, spheres and vessels and is capable of cleaning round tanks up to 12,000,000 litres, spheres with a diameter up to 50 metres, as well as vessels up to 40 metres long.

The 360 degrees spray head we utilise is recognised as the most advanced design in the world. Our methods of the tank cleaning guarantee the least quantity of fresh water used and subsequently the least waste generated.

Tank Clean and Sludge Removal

Tank Cleaning and De-sludge by super vacuum trucks

Tank is full of sludge ready to be emptied

Collecting a sludge with Confined space entry

Collect the heavy sludge off the tank

Tank Clean Skid with rotating nozzle

Men washing tank walls to remove sludge

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