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Specialists acid descaling cleaning of steel brass

What Is Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical Cleaning or so called Acid Cleaning or Descaling, is a term described in two phases.

The first is the Pickling or so called Descaling phase, where an acid-based solution that is completely compatible with the materials of construction of the system, is used to dissolve mill scales, rust, operational scales and other contaminants. 

The second is the Passivation phase, where the surface is made inactive after the acid clean, to prevent the surface from re-oxidisation through generating a temporary protective layer of Gamma Haematite.

The removal of such scales and rust that formed during the system operation will recoup not only by keeping your system intact but by substantially reducing the operating cost bills as well. 

The right supplier for all chemical cleaning needs

CCS has its branded inhibited acid formulations customised to each job in hand.

The acid type, concentration, operating temperature and dwell time of cleaning varies from clean to clean, depending on the observations and chemical analyses of our qualified and experienced engineers and technicians.

We carry out a variety of Acid Cleaning activities on various systems such as Heat Exchangers(Coolers, Condensers or Evaporators), Charge Air Coolers, HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) and WHB (Waste Heat Boiler), Water and Fire Tubes Boilers, all sizes of Pipelines, Vessels, Tanks, HVAC systems, Cooling Towers, Fin Coolers and others, all by re-circulation methods using our professional and specialised  equipment of pumps, hoses, tanks, fittings, and others or by dipping in our tanks or using our professional Foaming machines .

We have a mobile laboratory to test on the spot, the chemicals parameters required to have better control and understanding of the chemical reaction under way. Our laboratory is equipped with all the required calibrated testing devices, reagents and is ran by a qualified Industrial Chemist or Chemical Engineer.

Heat Exchanger chemical cleaning acid cleaning acid descaling

Before and After Chemical Cleaning of a Cooler

Chemical Cleaning ( Descaling) of Rollers

Setup for Chemical Cleaning of Rollers

Plate HX cleaning

Acid Cleaning of Plate Heat Exchanger 

Boiler Chemical cleaning, Acid Wash, Acid Cleaning

Boiler Steam drum Pre and Post Chemical Cleaning 

Sludge in a mud drum of a boiler after acid washing

Sludge accumulated inside a boiler mud drum

Setup and equipment for chemical cleaning on Royal Navy Ships

Setup for Chemical Cleaning at Royal Australian Navy Base 

Steam Drum tubes washing

Washing boiler tubes one by one after a boiler Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning Completion of Heat Recovery Steam Generator, HRSG

One of 4 HRSGs we Successfully Chemically cleaned.

Chemical Cleaning of Drum Internals

Pre and Post Acid Wash & Passivation of Steam Drum Internals

LP drum and deaerator acid cleaning

LP Drum and Deaerator during our Chemical Cleaning Setup 

Cooler before and after chemical cleaning with Dynamic descaler

Pre and Post Acid Cleaning of Cooler 

Alkali cleaning of copper/brass ducts for turbine repair

Washing Copper/Brass Ducts in a large foldable bund 

Acid inhibitor test prior to chemical cleaning

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor Test Before as a part of our Procedure 

Temporary Manifold for large size chemical cleaning job

Manifold Setup for a large Chemical Cleaning 

Chemical cleaning by re-circulation of low Pressure coolers

Chemical Cleaning by Re-circulation of large LP Coolers 

Alumina removal from inside of pipes by acid cleaning

Pre and Post Alumina Removal from Carbon Steel Piping 

Chemical Cleaning Setup

Setup for Chemical ( Acid) Cleaning of Pipeline

Cooler cleaning

Pre and Post Chemical Cleaning of Cooler 

Pipe Descaling

Pre and Post Chemical Cleaning of Drain Piping 

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High Pressure/Flow Pump Skid in Operation for Tank Cleanin

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