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In-house and on-site hydro testing professionals

Hydro Static Pressure Testing

To ensure your system is well sealed and can withstand the pressure.

Chemical Cleaning Services (CCS) is able to perform hydro static pressure testing your system whether as a part of work package before or after chemical cleaning  of the system or as an individual work just to carry out hydro static pressure testing.

Our well experienced and trained personnel will ensure job is completed following the ideal and safest procedure of the work. A final report of the testing process will be prepared including all the facts encountered during the testing. 

We carry out hydro static pressure testing of all systems. 

Chemical Cleaning Services does have different Test rigs up to 60 bar and a big one up to 400 bar.

In-house and in-situ Hydro Static Pressure Testing Professionals

In-Situ Hydro Static Pressure Testing

Calibrated Rothenberger Pressure Test Pump Bucket

Rothenberger Pressure Test Pump Bucket for upto 60 Bar

Calibrated Pressure Testing Unit for upto 400 Bar

Hydro Static Pressure Testing unit upto 400 Bar

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