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Disinfect sanitation deep cleaning sterilisation experts

We provide disinfection services in order to ensure Microbes Free Surfaces. Our varied methods of disinfection includes Fogging; where we use a Fogging Machine to transform the disinfectant into very fine droplets that able to occupy the space and sanitise everything that the droplets contact. Our activities are very fast that takes few minutes and then the space is ready for use within 1-2 hours.

Our Specialised team of Professionals are here to assist in every situation to make the work area a Safe Environment once again, where harmful pathogenic microbes (Bacteria, Virus, Germs, etc..)  can arise that can cause disease.

Deep Cleaning fogging machine in operation

Sanitation Fogging Machine in Operation 

Mobile light weight deep cleaning fogging machine

Efficient, Light Weight and Durable Fogging Machine 

Deep cleaning team member sanitising stairs hand rails

Manual Sanitation High Access Areas.

IMG 0226

Sanitation of Hand Rails

Deep cleaning and sanitation team with professional equipment

Our People are always ready for Operation

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